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Catapults & Bands

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2 X Trumark replacement High velocity HEAVY pull band slingshot RP2 Black

Trumark's rr-2 power bands are made from the best quality, pure latex-rubber, and are jacketed with black rubber for ultimate protection against damaging ulraviolet light rays.

Barnett BLACK WIDOW Powerful Hunting Slingshot Catapult FREE 100 x 6mm BB Ammo

The Black Widow was the innovative leader in the fold away wrist brace and design contouring, well ahead of it's counterparts and copiers.

Barnett New Cobra High Power Slingshot / Catapult With Sight & Free Practice Ammo

The cobra is revolutionizing sling shot design with performance and one of a kind combination front stabilizer and sighting system. This is the latest Cobra design.

Barnett New Diablo Power Slingshot Catapult + FREE Practice Ammo

The Diablo by Barnett has a sleek design with a fully detachable wrist brace and our unique contoured soft touch grip. The innovative grip design will keep you shooting for hours.

Barnett New PRO Diablo 2 Slingshot Catapult With Sights, Stabilisers & FREE Practice Ammo

The Pro Diablo II by Barnett is a professional grade slingshot a step above the rest. The Pro Diablo comes with a sleek and efficient 3-piece weighted stabilizer system with adjustable sight that allows for superb accuracy.

Barnett Red Powerband Suits Black Widow Cobra Pro Diablo Catapult Slingshot

This Red Power band by Barnett is fully assembled with a pair of super strength latex bands and genuine leather pouch / ammo grip. Suits all Barnett Catapults/Slingshots!

New Barnett Red BLACK WIDOW Folding Slingshot Catapult FREE Practice Ammo

This Genuine Barnett Red Black Widow Slingshot/Catapult comes complete with FREE practice 100 X 6mm ammo & 1 red Barnett band.

New Barnett Strike 9 High Power Catapult / Slingshot & FREE 100 X 6mm Ammo

This is a genuine Barnett Strike 9 Slingshot/Catapult. The Strike Nine features an all new soft touch grip making it the perfect introduction to sling shot sports.

Trumark WS1 Slingshot The Original Wrist Rocket Hunting Catapult With FREE 100 X 6mm Ammo

This genuine Trumark flexible (one-piece) aluminum frame with a soft, non-rigid, vinyl handle gives the powerbands a comforatable "feel" when drawn back and shot.

Trumark Yellow Power Band Suits all Trumark & Barnett Catapults/Slingshot

Genuine Trumark Yellow Band. This Normal Pull Powerband suits all Trumark & Barnett Catapults/Slingshots.

At Bearing Options Ltd we only supply genuine outdoor sporting goods. All our catapult/slingshot items are listed in the following major brands in the sporting industry: Barnett & Trumark. Barnett is the most world renowned slingshot manufacturers - probably the most famous in the world. Trumark have been manufacturing catapults/slingshots for more than 50 years!