Clutch Bearings

Clutch (CSK) Bearings are widely used in mining /hydraulic / textile / printing / washing machines, conveyor systems. These bearings can be used as freewheels and can be used in backstop, overrunning or indexing applications. Freewheel bearings are characterised by their ability to turn in one direction only and thus transmit torque whilst having a zero backlash They are supplied filled with grease and are low maintenance. The torque is transmitted on the inner and outer race by an interference fit into a rigid housing and onto a shaft. The tolerance for the housing fit is N6 and the tolerance for the shaft is n6. Operating temperature range: -40c to over +100c. Sizes range from CSK8 - CSK40. Other sizes may also be available but may not be displayed please contact us if you require a size not displayed on our shop.
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