The wrist-braced slingshot / catapult that was invented by Howard Ellenburg and his sons in the winter of 1953. The next version eliminated the collar and incorporated a continuous metal brace that started at the bottom of the hand and wrapped (locked) over the top of the wrist.

The 2nd version was Trumark’s first commercial model and was called Howard’s Wrist-Locker Slingshot. To this day most of the slingshots / catapults manufactured around the world are based on the ideas pioneered by Trumark in the early fifties. Although the original models worked well as wintertime “fort busters”, Trumark “evolved” the slingshot / catapult into models that could be sold throughout the year.

Trumark has manufactured millions of slingshots over the last 50 years, and continues to lead the way in slingshot design and development.