Loose Ball Bearings

Chrome Steel Loose Ball Bearings: Grade 100 chromium aisi52100 hardened loose ball bearings are the most commonly used ball hardened to 60-67 rockwell scale, this grade of ball has excellent wear resistance, hardened all the way through and universally used by the ball and roller bearing industry.

Delrin Balls: Delrin is the name commonly used for the less commonly known polyoxymethylene (POM) acetal plastic. It has high mechanical strength and rigidity, is tough and tolerant to repeated impacts and has a good long term fatigue endurance. It has excellent resistance to petroleum based solvents, moisture and other neutral chemicals. Its has good electrical insulating properties and self lubricates in use. It can be operated within a wide operating temperature range up to 150 Deg C. Other sizes may also available but may not be displayed please contact us if you require a size not displayed on our shop.

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